DAB Trucking services company


To provide our customers with the most professional transportation services and to do so in the safest most efficient way possible


Professionalism Integrity


We are committed to being a reliable partner and seek to provide the highest quality service in the U.S transportation and logistics industry

gaining your trust
providing excellent logistics service

From the very beginning, we set out to maintain the highest quality of work, build and maintain relationships with our customers and employees and to purposefully expand our company. We are dedicated to treating our drivers in a professional and respectful manner. Each driver is treated individually, their professional and personal needs are taken into account and the best possible fit within our company is found. While being an owner-operator is mostly an individual position, we try to make sure our drivers feel part of a team and know that they have a partner that cares about them and their business. 

We invest in our team and their work competencies. Our accumulated experience has allowed us to work actively and responsibly, without fear of challenges or market changes.